Problem causing data loss

I was creating a chatbot for testing, until I decided to test the email feature. It worked like a charm, I received the details in the email with a link to see other sessions. I clicked on that link and from there I went to my flow, I made a lot of changes. A lot of changes indeed, so with my thousands of tabs open, I clicked on the tab I was using before clicking on the link in the email. And unfortunately for me, she over-wrote everything I had created. My constructive suggestion: Whenever you edit a bot, a token must be generated for that UI. The system would never allow two people to edit the same BOT, when another tab is opened the old one would have its token expired and would not be able to send new updates to the backend. A popup (you are editing this bot in another tab, it could be useful along with there is a button to "update the UI") getting a new token along with the updated bot, invalidating the other tab. This is my humble suggestion πŸ™‚
Baptisteβ€’16d ago
Argh. So sorry to hear that … That’s a good suggestion, I’m working on real-time collaboration so this will never be an issue in the future πŸ™