State of Front End

I have a really interesting question..... If the future of the front end is making fast and efficient code where we can build anything we like with PWAs, why is the likes of react, angular and some other JS Frameworks which are so heavy and score bad of web core vitals are still being used? Surely it's time that we start moving on from this old technology, the browser for API is now incredible, CSS has caught up to pre-processors, the support for Native Web Components across all browsers is amazing. So why do we need React?
ἔρως15d ago
because the main goal is to get shit done, and react and stuff have a lot of libraries and components that help you get something done in the real world, performance only matters if it is too bad
13eck15d ago
This channel is for getting help with code-specific issues. What you're asking is better suited to #discussions. If you'd like to continue please re-post there.