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Monorepo setup: Prisma with NestJS

I currently have a postgres database that uses row level security. This database is used by two services that are built with NestJS. - auth service - core service In order to interact correctly with the database and RLS, I need to use these two services with a different database account so that it can bypass RLS. (auth service needs to bypass) Here is where the monorepo setup comes to play, I want to implement a monorepo with 4 packages: - db (prisma) - auth service (nestjs) - core service (nestjs) - web (next js app) The idea is that both auth and core can connect to the same database using a different username, I was thinking on passing a different DATABASE_URL when starting the service. Has anyone done this approach or can share how to do so? I did not find anything on the documentation and would like a but of guidance please
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