DH on Modpack Fabric Fantasy MC

I have been working hard on getting this mod pack compatible with DH. I added DH 2.0 Fabric-api 0.92.0+dev-1.20.1, Iris-1.7.0, and left in mod Sodium-fab 1.20.1-0.5.3. This combinations of mods and loading on Fabric 0.15.9 is the only way I could get the game to load. I promise I tried every combo I could think of I have been working on this all day. Everything else just crashed. Once I got it to load it worked great with no shader. As soon as I tried to use Bliss Shader Main DH stopped working. I preloaded the chunks with mod Chunky. I even loaded with no shader preloaded 1,500 radius square and then when it was done switched the shader to bliss and still no luck. I got error messages in fact. See screenshots of it all. Any help would be great. Also I understand that this is a long shot since your recommend mod list is not being used 100%. I also posted the crash report from adding in all the recommend mods just for good measure just in case going back there is the only option for me.
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