Where do you guys go for IRL communities that a...

Where do you guys go for IRL communities that are good for you? I.e toastmasters for public speaking. How do you find positive mentor/mentee relationships?
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Needle3mo ago
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fascinating-indigo3mo ago
My title is wrong, I said I.e but meant e.g lol. This is a good answer. Thank you. I’m keeping it open for a little longer for other ideas too
fascinating-indigo3mo ago
For me, I mostly just show up to organizations that seem interesting and vibe check it. Sometimes an organization is influential enough to warrant being there for chance encounters, but yes this is a time intensive thing just because what you're talking about is relationship nurturing. Doing things IRL means making networking a hobby of sorts
conscious-sapphire2mo ago
@blade start with food and fitness. Local is easier. If you have relatives with young kids offer to help them out at events. You will meet friendly people there. If you have a dog, that's instant forced socializing at dog parks. Apply for game shows but not squid game. If you like coffee, some people go there looking to talk to other people. If you need to take classes for a job, take them in person in a classroom with real humans. Try church if that's your thing.
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