Nether world reset

Not sure if this is a DH related issue or a server issue, but the nether on our server has been reset, we had nether roof portals and all those portals now take us to the nether, going back onto the roof, all our farms are gone, so 100% was reset. Only mods we run are the ones required for DH.
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Natalya4mo ago
DH is a client-side mod (except the server-side fork, which I assume you're not using), it doesn't touch the server. If you tried to install it on a server, I don't think the server would even launch. Mods installed on your client can't do that kind of thing to a server.
MSG14mo ago
Yeah it's not on the server. It's client, but the server host restored the nether from the very initial world upload, and everything on the nether roof is still gone. So that's wierd and I'm very confused now. Unless the server was saving over the original file uploads.
Bugus (im going insane)
someone with access to the server hosting reset the nether world