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Hello guys, I game on a 1440p monitor and I stream on twitch, I currently have my base and output canvas set to 1920x1080. Should I change base output to 1440p and downscale to 1080p or lower ? Or do I leave both at 1080? I have been getting a lot of FPS drops on apex legends when I stream and I donโ€™t know if due to this. Also in my windows graphic settings (attached) do i run Obs on the GPU or CPU? My logs from my last two streams are attached Specs. NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ryzen 7700x 32gb DDR5 RAM 6000mhz
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MEE6โ€ข3mo ago
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EposVox // Addie
EposVox // Addieโ€ข3mo ago
You didn't need to make a new thread. But also I'm a tad confused. Are these "FPS drops" happening in your stream or the game itself? Your first log doesn't have any stream or recording happening at all, and your second one doesn't appear to show any render/encoding lag, at all, so theoretically no problems here. Though you already have your base resolution set to 1440p, so that's not something you'd need to change at that point. Re: Your screenshot, it should be left on your Nvidia card, as-is