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Issue with Plex tile and Media Server widget

I'm having a slight issue in which I can't get both the Plex tile ping and Media Server widget to work at the same time. Basically, if I set the internal IP of the plex tile to http://<ip>:32400, the ping indicator will show Unauthorized: 401 (denied). The Media Server widget will show the active streams, though the indicator is black. If I add /web/index.html#! to the internal IP, the ping indicator will show Online 200, but the Media Server widget won't show the active streams and the indicator will be red. I've also tried adding various IPs to the Plex Server's List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth setting, but that doesn't change anything
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* Log Attached - ℹ Saving updated configuration of 'default' config. is when I removed /web/index.html#! from the internal IP address * Operating system - Debian * Exact Homarr version - 0.15.2 * Configuration Attached (docker-compose)