can you still apply?

Can you still apply for content creator? I cant find the channel
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Combat Warriors
Combat Warriors3mo ago
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If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff.
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#❓・faq 3rd to last question
Delly3mo ago
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Content Creator Information To become a Content Creator for berserker Combat Warriors, you must fill out the form and provide proof that you meet all the requirements for the platform you intend to create content on. Each platform has different requirements as listed below: Base Requirements
At least 5 recent videos/streams related to Combat Warriors All content must be engaging and unique
youtube YouTube Requirements
Minimum of 5,000 subscribers Average 1,000 views per video Must have at least a combined total of 75,000 views for Combat Warriors videos
twitch Twitch Requirements
Minimum of 1000 followers Must have at least 10+ concurrent viewers on streams
tiktok TikTok Requirements
Minimum of 30,000 followers Must have at least 300,000 combined total views for CW TikTok(s) in the past month