Bug: Raids not working

After using a raid pass, I keep getting the same screen. I've tried several different raid locations and restarting my Wi-Fi/4G, so it seems unlikely to be an external issue. Thanks in advance.
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PGC Helper
PGC Helper3mo ago
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nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥
Are Pokémon spawning and can you spin stops
Nemesis3mo ago
Youre banned
iZooda2mo ago
I can spin stops No pokemons tho Is it a soft ban or permanent ban?
Nemesis2mo ago
7 days or 30 days ban
iZooda2mo ago
Thank you🫶🏼🫶🏼 Btw what that “OP” near my name?
nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥
Original poster cause you made this support post