Resource Packs Corrupts World

I was working on my creative building world and I tried to enable the green signals resource pack. It says that the resource pack was outdated and incompatible but on versions before 1.6.1 it worked fine. When I tried on 1.6.1 it loaded normally then froze after a bit and it said that it was not responding. After a while of it not crashing I just used task manager to stop the game. I reopened the game shortly after and tried to open the world. It loaded normally then it gave me this prompt, "Errors in currently selected data packs prevented the world from loading. You can either try to load it with only the vanilla data pack ("safe mode"), or go back to the title screen and fix it manually." I tried to go back to the title screen and disable the resource pack but when I opened the resource pack menu it was not selected. So I tried launching the world with safe mode. It froze then gave me this prompt, "Failed to load world in Safe Mode. This world contains invalid or corrupted save data." I checked the data packs folder on the world and it was empty. So maybe update the resource packs for the mod if that has anything to do with it.
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IThundxr3mo ago
old resource packs definitely do not cause that