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Issue compiling old nuxt 2 project

Hello I'm trying to make some update on an old nuxt 2 project (v2.14). Used to run with node 12. Even on node 12, I can't make it run again : I have sylelint issues on files that doesn't even have styles, inconsistent jslint issues on files that were validated years ago. So I removed some rules, and now the project compiles somehow but is missing every import, like if auto import wouldn't work. Way too much file to fix for an uncertain issue. So I tried upgrading to nuxt 2.17 and move on to node 18 with the same result. Then I tried creating a new starter project for nuxt 2, imported my sources, and now I have another issue "Cannot find module '...nuxt-2/.nuxt/server.js' Im out of ideas on how to make this project compile again. Can anyone hint some directions ? Thanks
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Norbz3mo ago
For the record, I had to pin webpack 4 in my dev dependencies, as well as remove stylelint.