Is Prisma ORM still slow?

I’ve been using drizzle with postgres for a while. Wanted to use mongodb for another project with nextjs. I know prisma improved their data connection speed a bit a while back but is it still slow in real world usage or is it fine now?
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Neto3mo ago
the problem was never that prisma was slow, the problem was the multiple queries + merging them together at runtime they added support to join queries, idk if fully available but probably not for mongodb
Kasper3mo ago
Yeah, they also had a heavy GraphQL binary that has since been converted to JSON. But it still has some overhead that for example drizzle does not have. You can check that out here:
Drizzle ORM - Benchmarks
Drizzle ORM is a lightweight and performant TypeScript ORM with developer experience in mind.
Ziadx33mo ago
nope, in itself it isn't it's just the multiple queries + merging them together at runtime
Neto3mo ago
prisma can do joins is just not GA yet
Neto3mo ago
Relation queries (Concepts) | Prisma Documentation
Prisma Client provides convenient queries for working with relations, such as a fluent API, nested writes (transactions), nested reads and relation filters.
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