Cloudflare access for WebDAV

So I have a Synology NAS with cloudflared docker running on it. I also have the manufacturer provided WebDAV server running. I was able to connect without issue for the first hour, however now it is blocking all login attempts. Logins work fine when connecting directly via IP over the local network using a client that accepts the self signed certificate. But no longer works over cloudflared. I'm suspecting an issue with the WAF configuration, but am not familiar enough to figure out the cause. Anyone up to help troubleshoot?
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Chaika4w ago
If you 🔍 there's a few interesting posts about CF with WEBDAV First being caching might be messing with it: Another being Cloudflare's chunked encoding (enabled by default, can disable under Additional Application Settings -> HTTP Settings -> Disable Chunked Encoding under the hostname) could mess with it: would maybe try one (or both of those)