Bug/Feature? Really slow loading until I install Mineguns

I'm having a weird speed problem with Distant Horizons. I've seen videos of how fast it loads for others, but for me and my modpack, a customized version of All The Forge 10.7? It chugs along so slow that I almost feel like it's concussed. Then I installed Mineguns mod for 1.20.1, and suddenly Distant Horizons started zipping along nearly as fast as the normal chunk loading! This is a problem because I unfortunately can't use the mineguns mod as it has no config for turning off certain features, and it causes my game to lag all on its own when I woke up to find my character and my house/base surrounded by hundreds of paradropped crates. Can't turn it off, so I can't use the mod, so Distant Horizons is back to chugging slowly along. Any chance at all that whatever is making Mineguns cause Distant Horizons to work so much faster could be isolated so as to figure out what's causing it and then I could maybe implement it by itself? https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mineguns-mod/files/5174381
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MarijnIsN00B2mo ago
Maybe it zipped along because the LODs were already generated so it just had to load them from the file..? Its definitively not a feature that the mod generates LODs faster with the minegun mod lol If that was the case then the devs would be taking notes to whatever that mod is doing with the world gen