freezing and stuttering

When entering a game the game begins to freeze for several seconds (2s, 5s, up to 10s). The problem persists all the time, sometimes it seems that it is going away and it appears again, I tried to do everything, lower the graphics, make some compatibility adjustments, look for driver updates, try absolutely everything (when I started playing this did not happen after playing almost 40 hours started to happen to me)
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could you try to reset game settings completely and see if it helps? (when you reinstall the game it doesn't reset them) Search for cmd.exe, open it as administrator and run next commands: reg delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BattleBitDevTeam" /f del %appdata%\BattleBitConfig.ini
Abd2mo ago
what about people who uses linux?
dyrk2mo ago
thanks i have solved it