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I noticed that SK-to-N2K plugin is sending heading PGNs periodically (when it gets magnetic variation data from gpsd). However, there is no source of magnetic heading information. The SK logs show null: Apr 22 14:17:38 2024-04-22T21:17:38.049Z signalk-to-nmea2000 navigation.headingMagnetic,navigation.magneticVariation:,0.08377580411485631 Apr 22 14:17:38 2024-04-22T21:17:38.051Z signalk-to-nmea2000 emit nmea2000JsonOut {"pgn":127250,"SID":87,"Heading":null,"Variation":0.08377580411485631,"Reference":"Magnetic"} The data shows up on the bus as 0xFF 0xFF: 4127 : Pri:3 PGN:127250 Source:100 Dest:255 Len:8 Data:57,FF,FF,FF,7F,46,3,FD This is translated by the Timo library as -1000000000.00 Obviously I can add a check for heading < 0, but I'm wondering who is "wrong": should null values be transmitted as something other than FF FF?
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