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setting the n2k device name of signalk on the n2k network

Hi everyone, I have a basic question, where can I set the device name of the signalk server on the n2k network. The default seems to be "unkown device". At least this is what the garmin chartplotter shows, when it is connected to the signalk server.

link plugin & file ownership; best practices

I've developed a plugin which I linked using "npm link". The plugin than pops up in Plugin Config menu. However I noticed subsequently I can't install any plugins from the Appstore anymore due to permission issues: with "ls -ld /home/user/.signalk/node_modules" i checked ownership. Once I chown the permissions to the current user I'm able to install apps from Appstore gain but my Plugin's Config dissapears from the list again. ...

signalK scheduler?

Is there a way to schedule turning on/off multiplus with signal k? I left the boat and forecast for sun sux for next few days, i dont want to completely turn off inverter becouse i will loose ability to connect and check the system. I would like to schedule to turn off inverter for next 10h or so

Boat photos

Anyone knows a service or API for boat photos?

Cannot get data from PyPilot into SignalK?

Hi, i cannot seem to get data from PyPilot coming from a ICM-20948 into signalK? i am also getting a "unexpected error validating connection: handshake status 401 Unauthorized -+-+-+-

New version of plugin not showing up in updates

I published v3.0.0 of Saillogger plugin yesterday ( but it is not showing up in updates and the older version (v2.5.0) comes up in npmjs search ( Ideas on why it might be?...

Is it posible to control NMEA0183 Autopilot with Signalk?

I have an B&G H3000 and I want to control de Autopilot. I have the bidirecctional connector RS232/482 connector, and I want to control de Autopilot. Is there a way to do it? With some plugin or staff..?...

AIS vessel names

Starting relatively recently (cannot pinpoint with which Signal K server upgrade but currently on 2.8.2) something seems to have changed with AIS name identification. The names are now missing for many of the targets. Missing names do show up in the chartplotter so don’t think it is the AIS itself or the reception. This is relatively a new phenomenon, was not observing a notificable/similar behavior before. I can also observe this on some of the boats in Saillogger so does not seem isolated to me. Before I do any further digging, anything obvious comes to mind?...

Question regarding Freeboard

Hi, Wind gauge has a strange delay when using the "instruments" within Freeboard. The data is available but does not show until like a minute has passed. ...
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Multiple session on N2K?

SignalK set up to send data to my B&G setup for the performance plugin by @HansT. When I reboot, this happens more often than not. How do I avoid?
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How does source priority work?

Our network is a bit crowded with sources. Several GPS and heading sources as well as sources that repeat received data. For example, we have a Vesper Cortex and a YD Ethernet gateway that repeats (over Ethernet) NMEA data in addition to the B&G Zeus. I have all of these data connections going in to SK because they all don't provide the same data. For example, the Zeus and Vesper don't forward the engine data. I have the Vesper connected because it forwards GPS and AIS data when at anchor and the NMEA network is powered off. I've found that this causes weird issues with all this multiple sources so I've started using source priority. ...


#plugins-and-webapps Anyone using the signalK-polar plugin and can give some advice as to why I do not see any data in it? Only like this:
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B&G Performance Plugin

Hi @HansT. I've been messing around with your plugins and trying to get them to work. (Lately too much time spent doing actual sailing though...) Last week when racing I noticed that my B&G countdown race timer didn't work. It ticked down one second and then stopped. I tried all the B&G settings and wondered if I might have caused it by using other than the default 5 min count down, but no results there. Not only until I ran my B&G plotters/triton without signalK did I get a working countdown. I...

What do yellow vessel names mean in Freeboard?

Some vessels' names show up yellow on the map. What does that mean?

Multiplexing Seatalk

Does signal k have a means of outputting Seatalk on a GPIO port (as it is able to take it in)? Or would I need some form of nmea0183 to Seatalk converter?

Restart Signalk when can01 is "lost"

Is it possible to trigger an restart of the signalk service when a connection is lost? i.e. no data is recieved as in the screenshot? The reason being is that after the can01 is lost, the derived-data plugin continues to calculate incorrect values, based on latest measurments from the can01 (along with other gps data?). See screenshot for forther details. Restart the service will stop the derived-data from computing. Thanks!...
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canName question. Is there a way to relate the canName to a human readable name?

I'd like to be able to identify different sources to set priority.

No SignalK on N2K

Installed new Vulcan plotters and did some general maintenance. Now I can't get signlk data to my plotters. I do get nmea data on my signalk server and the candump is humming and spinning like a cat. Signalk used to be available in my device list on my old plotter, but not now. Even after a refresh. Any ideas about where to start troubleshooting?...

How to setup an NMEA0183 OUT with NMEA2000 on can0

Hi, I want to send my deep and speed datas from the NMEA2000 to an NMEA0183 Output port. Do I need to add can0 in the OUTPUT EVENTS field? What do I need to configured in the Plugins SIGNALK to NMEA0138 and MNEA2000?...

Distributed Signal K (New User)

Good afternoon! Can I install multiple SignalK instances aboard, and have them communicate/merge data over the TCP/IP network? My idea is that I would have a Raspi Zero 2 W at my NMEA/Seatalk bridge, and then run Signal K on a Raspi 4b somewhere else. Is this how SignalK works? Or is it more a system built around a single primary host? Is there a way to multiplex data?...