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Anyone think they could fine me the ID code of this
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Combat Warriors
Combat Warriorsβ€’2mo ago
@FatherBucc (@RaspySteam)
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Casβ€’2mo ago
roblox doesn't allow that for sound ids since 2022
Gatitoβ€’2mo ago
@Someone (@smartyplayz101)
<:bot_warning:1053483028451700737> Please be aware that you are unable to publicly upload audios as of March 22, 2022, nor can you use audios uploaded after that date unless they were uploaded by ROBLOX. 1) Click the Create tab on the top of the ROBLOX website. 2) If you have never opened this tab, click the Manage My Experiences text under the Start Creating button. 3) Click the Creator Marketplace tab. 4) Search for an audio to use. Click on the audio itself, and then the More Info button. 5) Copy the unique asset ID in the URL and paste it where applicable.
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