How can I get this ?

Hi I want to get that type of title or province thing I want you guys to tell me how to get it please
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Caffeine3mo ago
Hello, @♛REVAN_XABAT♛! You will automatically join the region rankings of your country or region. You can change your country or region in the game settings. Some countries support further subdivisions such as province, city and landmark in players' regions. You will join the corresponding region rankings after selecting your region. You can view your current ranking, as well as the titles you will obtain after a week's results are tallied, in My Titles located in the bottom-right corner of your region. This data is updated approximately once per hour. Results are calculated every Monday at 00:00 (UTC +0). The top 100 players of each region will earn titles that last for a week, starting at 01:00 (UTC +0). For further information, you may consider clicking on the Region Button and tapping on the (?) button at the right top.
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Oh ok tysm