is there any way we could get in touch with someone from the accelerate team?

someone in the sales/management team? our product shat the bed spectacularly today and we're about to lose one of our major customers because accelerate couldn't scale to handl 100 connections. we're ready to throw money at the problem but this is super urgent and we've been locked into the ecosystem and can't switch out right now
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jonfanz2mo ago
sorry to hear about that. emailing support {at} prisma {dot} io is always your best bet.
Nitin2mo ago
When you write into support, please also share what plan you are on and what "shat the bed" means. Specifically, what failed. The more details you provide, the better we can help. If you are not on a paid plan, which means help is community-only, then please share details here. We'll pull in relevant team members to help.
sylvester stallone
I emailed & have not heard back from them we are on a paid plan shat the bed means this: Accelerate was not able to connect to your database. The underlying error is: Too many failed attempts to query database. Try again after 2024-04-23T14:06:31.399Z"}} (The request id was: 878e697c68d1578b over and over again until the website crashed. you know what the peak traffic was? 500 visitors. cpu & memory utilization on our supabase instance was < 2% shat the bed means that we started seeing that error after the 40 unique visitor mark of the day