Klipper reports SHUTDOWN : verify_heater. ##Urgent##

This error is driving me nuts. I have 4-5 models , printed to 10-20% I have a 6-7 day print that I need urgent. After 12-36 Hours this error appears. * "Klipper reports: SHUTDOWN  Heater extruder not heating at expected rate See the 'verify_heater' section in docs/Config_Reference.md* " Spec: V-core 3 Octopus pro board Phaetus Rapido HCT Klipper updated Sliced on OrcaPrint I can see from the log that: The first hours the extruder target and temp are all good. Then after a number of hours, the extruder is not reacting to the applied PWM signal. First by a few degrees, then finally 20-30 degrees, and failure. (Log attached) I have three likely culprits: - Driver on Octopus pro - Cable to heater - Heater Does anyone have experience ??? Ideas ?? Thank you ! This model is going on show early May Tor
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Sören3mo ago
Did you already try an PID tune?
cgrr3mo ago
If PID done and setting for the sensor correct, most likely loose wire or sensor failing.
Toro223mo ago
PID is done, a couple of times.. just in case. I am seeing no sharp changes in temperature. A loose cable would likely give spikes of temp-0-temp. Failing sensors can be, however the temp drop occurs after muliple hours, never after just 10-12 hours. From the logs, there is a temp swing in the first hours of a "normal" 10C or so... Suddely there is a much greater swing.. I have placed a logging device on the heater element cable. Hopefully I can get some data on that to see if there is a mismatch betewen applied power and actual power... But as its a PWM very active element.. my hopes are modest Update: I am following the log step by step... (I know.. life required) I am seeing temp=239.2 temp=231.4 temp=238 So ... I am doing as suggested... tracing for loose connectons
TheTik3mo ago
an 8 degree swing back to back does suggest a wiring issue. Good luck!
Toro222mo ago
..... The conector between the thermistor and the cable running from the hot-end-assy, to the control board.. was in a unfortunate postion..in addition..the connecton was .. Not the best... Now after 2d 16h : extruder: temp=240.2 extruder: temp=240.5 extruder: temp=240.4 extruder: temp=240.2 extruder: temp=240.1 extruder: temp=239.9 extruder: temp=239.8 extruder: temp=239.8 I thank you for helping me !
TheTik2mo ago
Hooray! 🎉