Where can i found Y2K clothing?

Any specific website you use?
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tun🌻2mo ago
kyn2mo ago
depop, grailed, eBay, many of the same recommendations as here https://discord.com/channels/1116793467654381685/1232401639852212418 Plenty of contemporary brands are doing y2k inspired clothing
sharloy2mo ago
If you go on eBay and just type in y2k there’s a lot of vintage stuff specifically tagged as such
runnin thru the 7th ward
not much on the UK one sadly
kyn2mo ago
think a lot of the usual best guidance applies (although depop, grailed, and eBay can be shortcuts here, depop having a y2k filter/tag, grailed having a y2k tag, and eBay / poshmark often having “y2k” in the titles or descriptions with vinted being a good option for EU folks especially) - find brands that make or made clothes you like, gather inspo, look for similar items. Make eBay saved searches (or searches on other platforms, but eBay allows for pretty powerful Boolean and filtering). thrifting/flea markets if they're available to you are also great
Spuck2mo ago
Vinted for the UK