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The block is executing first then the others

I have added a new block with forge and I'm facing a problem. In the run function I'm using a try catch to run what I need and it's working, but, there's a problem with with depending the way I called the chat. If I use the view(attached image), the blocks are executing correctly. Instead of this, if I use the API Reference start chat(https://docs.typebot.io/api-reference/chat/start-chat) my block executes first then the others, even if it's the last one. Should I pass some paramether in this cases?
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itl2mo ago
Ok, thanks!
paulo.medeiros.2mo ago
I have the same problem, in this case I need it to be sequential without the need for wait, would that be possible?
Baptiste2mo ago
Just add a Wait block with pause option but 0s