valorant is crashing a lot

My valorant and a lot of other people valorant been crashing a lot. Please fix this , also maybe make sure that all the afk thing are not taking to counts cause honestly I don't want to have issues with my account for something I'm not the source of...
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Enter Name Here
Enter Name Here2mo ago
Same i keep getting error 84 lmk to if anyone knows how to fix
Lumaxlightning2mo ago
i get into matches and then boom its like it was never there i don't get time banned its just..odd nvm it finaily loaded a game
markitysharkity2mo ago
Same, then I get suspeneded for like2 hours. How do you fix dis?
Lumaxlightning2mo ago
i don't what ive noticed its the bind maps that isn't working i get a breeze map and its fine i get bind my game has a fit
Raphou2mo ago
From what I understood , it's not like , a PC error , it's really the servers or something, cause I JUST did the update , and NOW it's lagging So its probably an error of coding that makes the game crash for everyone