How do I integrate my workers with a Self-Hosted Sentry instance?

I'm on the workers paid plan and want to integrate with our self-hosted sentry instance but the connection to auth always goes to the domain. How can I configure it using our own self-hosted Sentry (on our domain)? The window that opens does not let me change the auth URL. Your help is highly appreciated.
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Chaika2mo ago
talking about the integration? It doesn't support self-hosted sentry as far as I know, you could just use though. All the integration does is add a tail-worker which takes the exceptions and sends them to Sentry, so you end up paying 2x the requests anyway
GitHub - robertcepa/toucan-js: Cloudflare Workers client for Sentry
Cloudflare Workers client for Sentry. Contribute to robertcepa/toucan-js development by creating an account on GitHub.
Emm—2mo ago
oh right, I see. Thank you.