Fabric 1.20.2 server do not load LODs

Hello, I just installed the fabric 1.20.2 using crafty (minecraft server manager). My server is running 81 mods, mostly of them optimization mods. Alongside theres DH2, Reterraforged, FallingTree, Iris (not using) and Inventory Profiles. I just want to know what I need to type in theses commands: /dhconfig connectIpOverride /dhconfig connectPortOverride This commands should direct to the main server or to the DH server? And how can I be sure that is connected? Below is my the last full log of my server:
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cola987652mo ago
You using the serverside fork?
luanfsp2mo ago
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This is a mod that adds a Level Of Detail (LOD) system to Minecraft. This implementation renders simplified chunks outside of the normal render distance allowing for an...