Kinde3mo ago

Unable to login to our dashboard in Kinde

Hello, I'm getting this error when I sign in to my account 404 Domain not found The requested domain could not be found. Error code 68e2863039ad43659b1b0604f26390cf Here's a screenshot => https://gyazo.com/6ef723274c92a7ba612bb219bfaffeec
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Tachyon3mo ago
I'm getting the exact same error on my account.
i am also getting the same error.
Oli - Kinde
Oli - Kinde3mo ago
Hi there, We have fixed the issue. Apoloigies for the inconvenience caused. See the following link for more details: https://status.kinde.com/clvdk6bxs21179byofpzz1zole
Auth and Admin area showing domain not found for AU region - Incide...
Auth and Admin area showing domain not found for AU region - Incident details - Kinde Status
akosipc3mo ago
Thanks for the quick response on this one.
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