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YLYang Liu2/22/2024

How can I implement an API to search user by their emails?

Should I save user detail in my own DB and sync them somehow? Or does kinde support some kind of search api? I am choosing the auth SaaS for my new app. Thanks a lot....

next.config.js Kinde Env Vars

I'm trying to set some of my KINDE environment variables in my next.config.js file in order to support preview deployments. Here's a minimal example: ``` ... env: {...

Testing protected pages in cypress (e2E)

Hello, Is there a way to bypass the authentication process to e2e test pages and flows that are protected ? I'm new to e2e testing and I see everywhere else that there are mechanism to mock the auth or authenticate the user programmatically. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using The app router SDK....

Server and Client side connection

Hello Kinde Team, I am wondering how I will go about implementing authentication for both client side and server side for full stack. My app is made using React as the frontend and Express as the backend. I successfully implemented the frontend auth using Kinde however I still need to authenticate api calls in the Express backend. ...

Speedrun Competition Clarification

Hello 👋, I'm interested in participating in the speedrun competition, but I have a few questions I'd like clarified before I proceed. The rules state: (


Hi all I am getting this error and I cannot seem to find out why. Is there anyone that has come across this ?

Create organization after login

Hi Kinde, I'm adding your great product to a website of mine, and I'm wondering if it is possible for already signed up users to add multiple organizations without going through the login/signup flow for each of them. I'm using the createOrg method of the react library, but I'm being redirected to the kinde login page. The user is already logged in, so I'm sure it is just something I haven't thought of. If it helps, I have enabled custom login and signup pages so that the users stay on my site. CC: @Mehanika...

Need help integrating with php

Hi, I'm new to auth services, pardon my silly questions. I'm have a php app and I've integrated the kinde sdk. I'm able to collect the access token after successful auth. My question is what should I do from here? My understanding is I need to collect user information(ID and email), save them along with the access token in my database and create a session in my app for the user. 1. Does it makes sense? Am I getting the typical flow right?...

Unhelpful error message, stuck

Not very helpful: Works perfectly for dev env. But fails in prod. How can I debug this?...
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Kinde Integration

Hi, I am new here and I would like to integrate Kinde for my app but I am not really sure which docs should I refer for my requirement. I am using Angular for my Frontend as well as Express NodeJS as my backend API.

How to set values to kinde object

Hello, i really need to make some custom signin and signup pages for my application. I'm planning on using the now available " custom signin and signup pages " from here : " The screen where users can choose to create an account if one was not found " This is blocking for me as for my use case I'll have my own form for signin up. How would I set the user's given_name, last_name, profile, id within the kinde user object ? I am using NEXTJS...

redirectTo home with search parameters encodes the ?

Hi, I am passing a redirectTo to app state that contains url search parameters but after login I am redirected to a url with the question mark encoded. I would expect the behaviour to be that I am correctly redirected to a route with search parameters. ```js app_state: { redirectTo: '?foo=bar',...
AVAndy V2/15/2024

Single authentication/two applications

Hi, I have a question and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. I have two SPA applications, one in React and another in AngularJS. These apps are served from different host/domains e.g. and From a users perspective they "enter" at and can move between the "app" and the "clients" applications depending on the menu options they click. As for auth, I would like the user to authenticate when they enter and they need to be able to move between both apps without needing to re-authenticate. Is this possible with Kinde? ...

kinde callback

I’m unable to set kinde callback…the first is the folder that checks if user is in the database…then next is the dashboard and last this is how i have set up the kinde callbak urls..someone to assist
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Nuxt Module org_code is not working

I have multi organizations in kinde. For example their names A and B. When person wants login B and when person use org_code B it doesn't changed. Kinde Auth goes to login A but I want to Kinde auth goes to login B. org_code is not working. How can I work org_code successfully for login B.

Permissions and roles not updating after a change using the Nuxt module

Following and I've been having a hard time getting up to date data from the nuxt module when using the same methods as in the docs. Here is a composition I've got to handle those operations:...

Post signup event trigger

I need to take a custom post signup action. Before moving to Kinde, we had a custom email/password based signup/authentication process. A new user is suppose to go through a survey before they can opt to signup to our platform. When the user finished the survey, its is saved in a database table and the survey_id was passed to the signup as contextual information (URL param). Upon successful signup, we check the existence of the survey_id and then associate the survey with the user just signed up...

Server Side authentication

Hello, i have a bit problem using kinde i probably just too dumb to understand how kinde work in general. TLDR: how to check the user logged in using authrozation code flow using typescript SDK. ...

JWT Authorization in Python Backend

Hi, I have Kinde connected in my next.js frontend and am sending a bearer_token to my python backend whenever I hit an API. I'm having some trouble authenticating the token though as I'm getting the following error: ``` server-1 | File "/app/app/routers/", line 56, in create_video server-1 | jwt_authoriation(credentials.credentials) server-1 | File "/app/app/routers/", line 36, in jwt_authoriation...

Updating a user's name

I would like to have the possibility for a user to change their own name (given_name and family_name). I have figured out that it's possible to update it using the Kinde Management API, and I can verify that the names do get changed. The problem is that after changing the name, the user will not be able to see this change until they logout and login again. Is it possible for a user to change their name and see it reflected immediately without having to logout and login again?...