Azure SSO and Zero Trust

Hello, I searched for Azure SSO and couldn't find on discord hence posting this. Please feel free if it's duplication. In my team we are only using few services from cloudflare such as DNS management and few more servers. But there is a requirement of enabling azure sso. From what I see and read, it is possible to integrate SSO but with specific plan We only have like 10 members max. And currently each has their own logins to cloudflare portal. Following are my questions that need clarity on. 1. Can I enroll for free plan (<50) and still be able to enable SSO? Thank you in advance.
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HarryTheMod2mo ago
The main requirement is to cloudflare portal. Currently individual logins are using and want to control it via IDP azure. But I read it is not possible without enabling zero trust feature first Oh. We only use DNS management in cloud flare system and nothing else. For our domain Is it worth exploring or integrating SSO for this. Because management want to have additional resources with read only role to view things on cloud flare without granting admin access I do remember they have an account I'll confirm if it's enterprise already I hope it is