Can anyone connect me to a account/billing/support person on cloudflare ?

I have identified that cloudflare is incorrectly routing a lot of requests originating from India Region to US or SA or FRA other far remote regions. So I am trying to upgrade to a bigger pro or business plan but it fails. I know it is possibly due to this issue. but can this please be upgraded or manually fixed for me? Very very critical for business
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Flare2mo ago
To contact Cloudflare Support about an issue, please visit the Support Portal and fill in the form on the portal. After submission, you will receive confirmation over email. Some issues, such as Account or Billing related issues, cannot be solved by the community. Any plan level (including Free plans) can open tickets for Account, Billing or Registrar ticket categories. Make sure to select the correct category to ensure it goes to the right place. For more information on the methods by which you can contact Support for your plan level, see Contacting Cloudflare Support - Cloudflare Docs
Kaien2mo ago
@Leo Hey Leo, DM ? There is no response from them. Its been a while. Like more than a couple of days