Thoughts on this approach with stripe checkout on a cloudflare page with workers

I have a simple product I'm selling - its packaged software hosted in a private github repo - with a one off payment or yearly subscription to access it. I have a cloudflare pages site ( and want to take payment in a fully hosted payment gateway (stripe checkout Stripe checkout has a payment completed webhook, so after payment and that webhook is sent, I want to fire up a cloudflare worker to provision access to the github repo and send an email to the user. Is this a good use case for workers? Any templates or blogs you're aware of on building this? And finally is there a simple cloudflare email service for this as well. Many thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™
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davidw2920โ€ข2mo ago
Hmm I actually think Functions make more sense as its a cloudflare pages hosted site
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