ujust _install-system-flatpaks fails on Bazzite stable images

edit: looks like a new image just came out and this is fixed with the new stable - main (2024-04-24T17:09:10Z) It looks like the ujust _install-system-flatpaks script fails if you are rebasing from an existing Fedora Atomic Desktop, I was rebasing from Kinoite in my case. The script exits with a 404 error. I tweaked the script and was going to do a pull request but I see that it has already been fixed in the main branch of bazzite so it will be fixed in a future image release. Issue is in image 39.20240116.0 (2024-04-19T17:16:29Z) It looks like you can run the "Install System Flatpaks (Support for Rebasing)" recipe manually to fix the issue https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ublue-os/bazzite/main/system_files/desktop/shared/usr/share/ublue-os/just/80-bazzite.just
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