Random ah Valo quiz 💀

VALORANT QUIZ :val_Hampter: You’re defending A on Ascent playing A heaven next to pillar watching arch to get easy kills if they rush in, You see your teammate jiggle peak A main for info, meanwhile your teammates Sova; and killjoy play B for retake while your Reyna wraps mid and peaks tiles and B Lobby for easy peaks lurking further behind B main, Your sova shoots his dart revealing a B push in main; 3 agents from the enemy get revealed, The Reyna wraps B lobby and gets 2 easy picks from the enemy team while the sova peaks from logs getting another Kill on the enemy fade trying to throw her reveal, Your Reyna gets killed in B lobby while sova hears steps in B main not wanting to push in further, still playing retake. Enemy Viper shoots her wall tiles towards B, indicating a possible B push. You sova gets picked by the enemy Reyna but getting traded right after by your killjoy, she calls for backup and your friend rotates to be from Tree, You look up at the timer, 50 seconds still on the clock You (cypher) have ult so does killjoy and your friend, you get ready to rotate with your friend to B over tree and mid, knowing you should go ult to know if Viper is rotating to play A lineups like the rounds before. Killjoy peaks B main not seeing anybody jiggle peeking B entrance not going further before going back to play d hall, you’re making your way towards tree wrapping gen, you see viper has her ult now, this is the last round deciding if it’s gonna be overtime or win for your team and rank up to silver. Where is the enemy Viper? A. She’s faking B with her wall while rotating A over spawn? B. She’s B Main? C. She rotated mid and is now in market? D. She rotated all the way to your spawn to pick off the killjoy playing d hall so she’s in your spawn :val_CatBigStare:
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Answer: B was correct, she didn’t have her ult before and no one died which means she picked up an orb A or B main, you were A tree so you could’ve heard her picking up the orb on A, which means she must have picked up the orb B main, if you do get it right congrats! You made a callout to your friend who wrapped B lobby and caught the viper off guard which means your won!
Geniux2mo ago
E. She died from fall damage
bruh2mo ago
my tiny brain cant understand all this so i guess D
Mori2mo ago
no one is gonna read all that
S22mo ago
ashwenb2mo ago
you are no one
Mori2mo ago
ashwenb2mo ago
jk lol