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Does anyone have good resources for learning more complex typescript types. Looking for stuff mainly for generics and complex derived types from generics. Would appreciate, good articles, youtube videos, and codebases.
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cje2mo ago
codebases: any modern library. tanstack query and trpc are great examples (but tough!) educational resources: matt pocock's course (expensive but worth it), joshua goldberg's book, stefan baumgartner's books, typehero the only good youtube channel i know of for advanced typescript is Michigan TypeScript
noblica2mo ago
As @cje mentioned, Matt's channel is a really good resource: But what exactly are you looking for when you say "advanced"? You can go into the weeds with TS, but most of the time, unless you're writing your own library, you probably don't need much of that on a day to day basis.
Matt Pocock
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