Unable to access site using cloudflare/puppateer

Accessing a url that returns an X-FRAME-OPTIONS header or some other policy prevents cloudflare/puppateer from loading that page. I am trying to build a workers api that takes a screenshot, and it does work for some urls, but it does not work for other sites. The screenshot renders an error (see screenshot attached). Would it be possible to use some kind of plugin to bypass those policies and render the page in cloudflare workers?
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devcakessupport2mo ago
It looks like it, but the same system backfires and treats the puppateer instance within workers as a bot? Is there a way to bypass that? I understand that, so there is no way to actually take screenshots of those sites that use some kind of bot protection, correct? I actually tried a pure nodeJs project (instead of wrangler) and it all worked as expected. It looks like the environment where workers are executed is treated as potentially unsafe. Not sure how that works behind the scenes (I assume some certificate or header might be involved, or purely an IP blacklist), but moving away from CF Workers fixes this issue, for anyone interested.
Takimichi2mo ago
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