unable to create folders or add files without being sudo or root

so I am coming from debian and before that manjaro. I have only been playing with linux for about 2 years now and enjoying it. I found bazzite and wanted to try it out. I installed it as of 2 days ago and like what I see so far. It is my first fedora kernel my desktop environment is kde. I noticed that my main drive is owned by root and I cant add any folders or files in dolphin. I can sudo in the terminal np. So my question is: is this normal for fedora or did I mess something up on install?
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pintocat2mo ago
What folders are you trying to modify? Atomic images have some differences from typical. See https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-silverblue/technical-information/#filesystem-layout
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IceBluOutlaw2mo ago
thank you that makes alot more sense I thought like windows you could just open 'c:' drive and create folders I will say this thank you so much for being friendly
termdisc2mo ago
stick to operating in your home folder /home/$USER/, and you won't need to have elevated permissions
IceBluOutlaw2mo ago
thank you