Odd issues after updating to Bazzite 3 on a Thinkpad P16 Gen 2

After updating to Bazzite 3.0 on my Thinkpad P16 Gen 2, I'm encountering very strange issues when the system boots up or shuts down. On bootup, SDDM very often fails to load correctly, getting stuck on a blank screen with or without a mouse pointer. After a few minutes on the black screen SDDM finally appears, but it's completely unresponsive. This happens regardless of whether I last used the X11 or Wayland session. After I managed to sign in via one of the TTYs, attempting to start plasma with X11 results in the system locking up for a few minutes (no keyboard inputs work during this so I can't change to another TTY) before the desktop finally loads. If I start plasma with Wayland instead, it loads within a few seconds without any issues. Doing either of these results in the SDDM becoming functional. When I'm logged in at the desktop, I no longer have a GPU switcher icon in the tray, though the system still sees both the Nvidia GPU and the Intel UHD Graphics and seems to switch between the Intel UHD Graphics and Nvidia GPU as I can run games properly. Virtualization also works correctly. When I attempt to shut down the system, it takes around 3 minutes to do so now. If I remove quiet from the kernel arguments (allowing me to see kernel messages) it complains about a watchdog timer a bit before shutting down. None of these issues occur when I boot from the Bazzite 39 image, they only started happening after the Bazzite 40 image was installed. Additionally the only packages that are layered on the system are the ones that ujust installed when enabling virtualization. I've also collected a dmesg log, a systemd-blame log, a journalctl log and the rpm-ostree status, though I'm not sure if they will help in finding out what is causing these issues.
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1/4 Life
1/4 Life3mo ago
Thanks, I'll take a look at these For now I would definitely pin the last good 39
TheMCNerd20182mo ago
OK, I'll go and do that. Will it also downgrade the layered virtualization packages as well? OK I experimented a little more with 40 and SDDM misbehaving and found a few more things (I've pinned the last known 39 too). If no mouse cursor shows up when SDDM attempts to load, nothing will work unless I either enter and exit sleep mode on the laptop, or press the power button to trigger a shutdown. Additionally signing in through SDDM once it becomes functional (regardless of whether I chose X11 or Wayland) results in the system becoming completely unusable (it shows the splash when loading the desktop then locks up after a few seconds) and requiring me to press the power button to shut the system down. Sadly I cannot get any logs when in that state since none of the TTYs work properly (they lock up after a few seconds or upon entering a username if I can even get to one) and the session that I'm logged into eventually just gets stuck at a black screen with a mouse cursor with nothing on the keyboard doing anything. Just tried newest update and the SDDM issues still persist. Another issue came up though being that Plasma would not start at all even when signing in through one of the TTYs. Wayland complained about no dbus and X11 showed a simple connection refused error.
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