What’s the purpose of having 4 general channels...

What’s the purpose of having 4 general channels here? Is there some topic that goes in one but not the others?
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Needle2mo ago
Thread automatically created by DataGeek(2J) in #🤔|questions
optimistic-gold2mo ago
@DataGeek(2J) lol.. sometimes #🗣|general-1 gets into really really bad conversations to a casual observer. Like, bad enough for people to want to burn this discord with fire. 😓 so i have a system where new joiners who legit want to join and not see all that gets that channel hidden and sees general-2 i've made 3 and 4 as a joke really but mostly to offload conversations in case people sees too many conversations going on at once we actually dont need 4, i think 3 is enough to be honest
national-gold2mo ago
Got it.👍
flat-fuchsia2mo ago
We need as many general chats as we do jobs
sensitive-blue5w ago
how come I can't access this channel :/
optimistic-gold5w ago
This is #🗣|general-1 But it was purged recently
sensitive-blue5w ago
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