Bazzite 3.0 Bluetooth crashes re-connecting controller (Edited title)

I know there are general bluetooth issues lately. Just adding that LCD Deck on bazzite-deck:latest 19th April build. DS4 controller connects after boot but after it's disconnected, on subsequent connects, steam gamemode doesn't initialize the controller again unless the deck is rebooted.
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BearFOX2mo ago
Apparently fixed in newest release. Will mark solved here once have updated. So unfortunately this behaviour is not fixed in bazzite-deck: latest April 24th build. After first disconnect, attempting re-connecting now crashes Bluetooth, disconnecting all devices. Suspending and resuming the deck is enough to re-enable bluetooth service. However combos like PS + ∆ to turn off the controller do not work after a suspend.
antheas2mo ago
Can you try disabling the service ds inhibit?
BearFOX5w ago
Disabled it but on a restart the service is still active despite it says disabled; preset: disabled. So I stopped the service but in gamemode the behaviour is the same as above. In desktop mode bluetooth does crash on a second connection attempt but bluetooth restarts itself and then the controller pairs as usual. I can try updating beyond this 24th April build I'm currently on?