Best resources / learning material?

Hi all, I have been developing in HTML and CSS for some time, but looking to move more into JavaScript which I have used quite a bit on my pages that I build, however I want to get more into app development. Specifically using React.js/Native and starting to use Tailwind for CSS as it looks like it could save me a lot of time. I figure whilst I am at it I should probably pick a stack and go with it for leaning purposes and for building my own project to get "on the job" experience so to speak, so it only seems fitting to roll with T3 Stack. My question is - does anyone have some resources they recommend for learning TypeScript, React.js/Native and PostgreSQL? I get offers from places like Codecadamy, Udemy and Coursera but wanted to know if anyone has gone through this path already and have anything they highly recommend? It seems like the more courses I look at, the more I think on it and push it back but I really want to get stuck in. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!
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