Tutotial - What settings to choose

Does anyone know what database he is using in this video? Because I want to do it step by step perfectly, but I still have some errors that are not in the guide. Especially since I have to use cockroachdb because planetscale is paid
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ZeLinguist2mo ago
1. Use TypeScript IF AND ONLY IF you're familiar with JavaScript. Learn TypeScript as soon as possible (after learning JavaScript). If you don't listen to me, you'll spend more time debugging type errors than building apps. 2. Use TailwindCSS IF AND ONLY IF you're familiar with CSS. Migrate from CSS to TailwindCSS after you start hating thinking of class names. 3. Use tRPC IF AND ONLY IF you're familiar with REST AND you genuinely need type-safety on the backend. 4. Use Drizzle because it doesn't abstract SQL as much as Prisma does. ORMs betters developer experience at the expense of performance. 5. Use the App router because past versions will deprecate. 6. Deploy PostgreSQL with Vercel using Vercel Postgres. The t3 stack lets you use one database for all your projects because it prefixes your table names with your project name. You can also deploy SQLite with Turso.
utopia2mo ago
Ok ty very much