Novu2mo ago

Facing UI inconsistency

On clicking of Notification , not getting the PopUp sometimes
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Ask Inkeep
Ask Inkeep2mo ago
Hi @Chaitra, I'm an AI assistant for Novu. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly. ----------------------------- While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful: * Web Component * React Get Started * API Reference * RedwoodJS ----------------------------- Answer Sorry, I wasn't able to find any information about your question. Got it. Tagging @Support for additional help.
Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain2mo ago
@Chaitra Can you share the screenshot or screen recording to highlight the issue?
Novu_Bot2mo ago
@Chaitra, you just advanced to level 2!
Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain4w ago
@Chaitra Do you still need help in this?