my valorant account is locked even though I didn't do anything

changed computer yesterday I changed the password of my valorant account and they detected suspicious behaviour and locked it, normally I looked, people have a time period, but I don't have a time period, how should I follow a way to open it?
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jidat2mo ago
The community help forum is managed by the community and does not offer any official Riot support. You can create a support ticket at for official support.
jidat2mo ago
Make a ticket with support and wait for a reply ^
Script13372mo ago
Yes, I've created a ticket. I forgot the first mail of my account, I found it yesterday and decided to change it, then I entered my account and played for 2 or 3 hours and made the password a simple password that I could think of, and when I tried to exit the game and re-enter it, I saw that it was locked. I have the founder mail of my account, does that help?