Kinde2mo ago

Logout button doesn't rendered

I have implemented user auth using kinde successfully and my ecommerce website is able to login and logout. But, after hosting to github and when I login to my account, I am redirected to the homepage but the login button is still there which is suppose to be the logout button(I look at the console and it says 'Invalid State'). But, when I click the login button again then the logout button is rendered. Pls help me solve this, I can send my code if you want.
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Claire_Kinde2mo ago
Hi there. I'll get someone to look into this. We may need a few extra details. Will get back to you.
Peteswah2mo ago
Hi Wilson, once deployed you will need to update the URLs that you set. You may find this article useful https://kinde.com/blog/engineering/deploy-a-kinde-app-on-vercel/
Kinde Blog
Deploy a Kinde app on Vercel
This guide covers everything you could need to deploy a Kinde app to Vercel.
Peteswah2mo ago
You will just have to make the equivalent changes for a deployment on github