Hi guys, I'm peter. I'm starting a new project with all the t3 start recommend

Everything ok, I'm the creation process, I'm using supabase as a db provider, but OKTA as a AUTH provider. and others things. At this moment i have this message: prisma:error Invalid prisma.account.findUnique() invocation: [next-auth][error][OAUTH_CALLBACK_HANDLER_ERROR] https://next-auth.js.org/errors#oauth_callback_handler_error Invalid prisma.account.findUnique() invocation: I can understant what is the problem because the migration and others command works fine.
Errors | NextAuth.js
This is a list of errors output from NextAuth.js.
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janglad2mo ago
Is this the full error message? Are you sure that table is in the db/migration is applied? Have you restarted the dev server in between migrations?