Annoying red message on cloudflare pace

So I'm getting a vectorize.not_entitled (Code: 1005) error showing up over and over in this page:<id>/pages/view/poc/settings/functions do you know how to fix it?
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Chaika3mo ago
Thanks for your report. I've escalated this.
do you know how to fix it?
Nothing you can do, this seems to be Workers free specific. I saw you mentioned this yesterday in #pages-discussions but didn't realize it was specifically on the functions page, extra detail helped!
Tonny3mo ago
@Chaika tyvm, to be fair I probably reported it in the wrong channel before so, this channel is more organized. Ty again 👍
Nolan3mo ago
Hey there, checking on this with the team now! Walshy confirmed a fix is rolling out to address this!
Tonny3mo ago
Thank you very much @Chaika and @Nolan for your help on this you're awesome!
Chaika2mo ago
Should be set now, update rolled out today
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