How to Specify a Custom Library Path for ESP32 Communication Programs in Arduino IDE?

Good morning guys, I'm compiling a communication program between 2 ESP32s (master/slave), but the Arduino IDE always uses the local wifi.h library, and I need to use the one in the Downloads directory. How can I instruct the system to use it instead of the other? I don't want to delete it because it has its usefulness. Is there a method to choose the one from Downloads?
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mad.maxii5w ago
Yes, just place that library in documents folder and then into Arduino and in libraries folder, then compiler use the library's which you paste in this folder instead of present in core
youcef_ali5w ago
I suggest that you use esp-idf, you'll find it difficult to understand at the beginning its api but believe me you'll find a big flexibility
Camila_99$$5w ago
Okk brother got it thank u