shoulder bags

They aren’t trendy now but i love shoulder bags / cross body bags for their functionality. I hate having things in my pocket. I am middle age and dress prep/work wear. Currently have a black lululemon crossbody bag/fanny pack (works well, looks not great) and an orslow ripstop saoche (i love it but not for every day/outfit. I like them to be pretty small and non leather. Any recommendations?
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kyn2mo ago
Master-piece, engineered garments, arcteryx, acronym should all fit the bill Simone rocha has adjacent stuff with their details likely a bunch of good milsurp options too
Benjiara2mo ago
Uniqlo U
J2mo ago
Topo Designs
joe11232mo ago
After the New Yorker Tote, I found more and more people using Trader Joe's tote. Just kidding 🙂 I second Master-Piece. They have both nylon and leather bags for different styles.