possible the latest updates borked Z Pinda detection?

Im getting head crashes every time i run a Z
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SteveBorough2mo ago
I can test Z endstop successfully, bed just doesnt stop!! not sure what happened but probe had to be reseated, it was tight but for some reason the probe became less sensitive and had to be lowered a hair, weird, hoping those fragile titanium screws in the Rapido arent broken again!! I hate this printer! absolutely nothing I've learned over the past 2 years is working, since the head crash due to random failure of the pinda, i can no longer get a first layer, I rebuilt the Rapido, remeshed, etc and it poops out filament right around the nozzle! Why did it crash into the bed? nothing changed! What can break on a Z probing head crash, can the Orbiter 2 be toast, metal toolhead plate bent, nozzle broken, heatbreak, I have no clue!! Giving up on this POS